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    10in10: Line: FAIL.

    Title: Beat of the Herd Constraint: Line Music Inspiration: Broken Social Scene’s “All to All” I wanted to make a motion graphics piece using only lines. The lines would move to the beat of the song. Unfortunately, since I’ve made so many Motion Graphics pieces...

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    10in10: Motion & Movement.

    Title: New York: Year One Constraint: Motion/Movement Music Inspiration: Stars’ “Soft Revolution” To commemorate my first complete year here in New York, I decided to make a video montage using Stars’ “Soft Revolution” as the soundtrack. Using the thousands of photos I took since coming...

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    10in10: Production.

    Title: Gilberto Aceves Navarro Project Constraint: Production Music Inspiration: Queen’s “Bicycle Race” At my internship at the motion graphics/design firm Click3X, I was asked to help design and stylize a short internet commercial for the Mexican artist, Gilberto Aceves Navarro. In a previous installation in...

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